African National Congress (ANC) might as well be known as ‘Always, Never Conquered’, as they have scooped the majority vote ever since Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa in 1994.

Now, once again, the current president of the ANC, Jacob Zuma, wins most of the votes. According to the BBC, it has won majority in the South African general elections.

The element of surprise with this outcome seems almost nonexistent.

This is because inasmuch as countries worldwide are unique in situation, infrastructure and language; in South Africa’s case, uniqueness also lies in election and power-holding.

Actions speak louder than words

There is a level of confidence that comes with the knowledge that an appreciation of history can generate support from the majority in a country.

The ANC’s part played in the fight for a South Africa free from the shackles of apartheid is like the ‘jackpot’ in a deck of cards, the ‘8 ball’ on the pool table.

For many South Africans, it is the final thought and the decision maker.

Godfrey Montombaha, 32-year-old metalworker, says the newly formed Congress of the People (Cope) party does not pose a threat to the ANC, BBC reports.

"I know where I come from and where all these people come from. We will never forget what the ANC has done for us.”

A Glimpse of the Election

So far, Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), takes majority votes of the Western Cape. However, the ANC still sits on 66% of votes.

According to the Mail and Guardian, the party awaits two-third of the votes in order for the party to ensure a parliamentary majority.

But Jacob Zuma is confident in the success of the ANC.

“We know that counting is still going on, but we can smell a 70%," ANC leader Jacob Zuma told delighted supporters during the ANC’s garden party.

The Ghost Rider analogy

Looking at the situation of South Africa and the ANC, the movie ‘Ghost Rider’, played by Nicolas Cage, comes to mind.

In the movie, Blackheart, played by Wes Bently, seeks to possess a contract, which will allow him to access a thousand evil souls, thus possessing full power to rule the world.

When Blackheart gets the contract, the souls enter him and he becomes this creature named ‘legion -- for they are many’.

The analogy here is not to identify anyone or entity as a Blackheart, but rather to identify more with ‘legion’ and the meaning it holds.

What it is to be Legion

To be Legion is to be great in number and to be great in number means access to great power.

For ANC, whether it is the reminiscence of history, tactful campaigning or just plain destiny, supporters being legion means inevitable success for them.

With great power comes great responsibility. So, how a party’s success is carried on, is a question left for tomorrow to answer.

For the meantime, the least one can do is to hope for a fair and peaceful society.

Photo by Chinaka Iwunze
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ANC: A one party campaign?

By Chinaka Iwunze