According to Chongqing Morning News, the Chinese film director, Lu Chuan, disclosed shocking information about his film on 'comfort women'.

He said that in the episode where bodies of the dead bodies were being tossed onto the trucks, he actually used real nude female university students to play dead.

Lu Chuan claims that his choice to use fully nude female university students was so that he could properly depict the cruel acts of the Japanese army in Nanjing.

He said he wanted to re-enact the sufferings of Chinese women in the massacre, in a way that will make them remember this ignominy forever.

Nudity shows authenticity of history

Unexpectedly, Lu Chuan's realistic representation aroused a lot criticisms from viewers in China.

People who vehemently disagreed with his use of naked University students said that it was just like rubbing salt into the wound.

There were also those who felt that when a movie which investigates a hard hitting historical event deviates from the actual truth, it loses any meaning or significance as a historical movie.

Another ‘Schindler’s list’?

When looking at western movies that look at the Second World War, it is interesting how battle scenes and bloody scenes do not manange to make the audience feel that its intent is to 'add more pain to the wounds'.

A good example is Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List, when corpses were put into ovens as well as trucks used to transport dead bodies.

The movie manages to show the atrocities of the Nazis in a way that makes people understand the Jews longings for peace, humanity and justice, without exploiting anyone.

Critics who agree with Lu Chuan say that opposition’s opinion only shows that the Chinese people are afraid and unwilling to confront history.

The result is that more tragedies occur in China repeatedly.

More Lu Chuan's films disapproved

The film Nanjing!Nanjing! was also criticized for portraying Japanese soldiers as human beings rather than cruel Nazis.

"They want to tear me to pieces," Lu told a reporter in Hollywood. He says the voices of angry audiences are louder than those who agree with him.

However, the movie is a big hit at the box office in the cinemas of China. Even before it was shown to the public, it had already drawn a great deal of public attention.

The Nanjing massacre was a serious atrocity committed by the Japanese army during their war against China.

Compared to other films based on real events, the movie is believed to use more realistic techniques to represent the bloody scenes of this awful tragedy.

Although many question Chuan's style of film-making, for the rest, the movie is a wake-up call for China and its citizens.


Photo by Peng Hua
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Screening nudity and naked history

By Peng Hua