Blogs have become the most powerful interactive online platform nowadays, but as an old Chinese saying goes, the water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up: blogging is a double-edged sword.

A Beijing Foreign Language University student criticised the Ministry of Education in her blog and was forced to quit school by the university. But suspicion has been raised that she is just another 'gossip girl' who used her blog as her claim to flame.

Wang TingTing made the blog post: "Mother, I Have Been Forced By Beijing Foreign Language University To Quit School."

The post said, she wrote several blog entries that were critical of compulsory foreign language instruction in China.

Her teacher Liu told her that the blog posts made a direct attack on the Ministry of Education and put tremendous pressure on the school leaders.

On her will or being forced?

The school asked her to stop updating the blog and delete the previous blog posts, or else she will face serious consequences.

She said the teacher told her clearly that if she did not blog anymore, everything would be negotiable.

Statements made by university showed another side of the story. They said that Wang Tingting's blog was factually inaccurate.

One teacher told Wang that she was free to express her personal opinion, but it was inappropriate to use the title "Beijing Foreign Language University female student."

Gossip Girl rumours

Quite stylish, using internet to spread rumour, doing everything they can to achieve their goals... yes, we are talking about Gossip Girl.

Like the girls on the American TV series, Wang Tingting was a celebrity and even voted a "Popular Star" on Xiao Nei, a Chinese social network website, similar to Facebook.

Wang Tingting impressed her classmates with high-heels and make-up, which most female undergraduates in China would not wear.

Last year, Wang Tingting applied for a leave of absence due to a viral infection of her heart muscle. But she was unwilling to come back to school when she was supposed to resume her studies this year.

Presently, she works as a writer for a company, so perhaps it is possible that she wanted to withdraw from school.

In the Gossip Girl series, Yale-obsessed Blair Waldorf got rejected by Yale after she lost the "battle" with her new teacher Rachel Carr who wrote a letter to Yale to report her misbehavior.

But in reality, teacher Liu became a victim of media reporting after she allegedly persuaded the student to stop updating the blog and quit school.

Irrelevant Photo

Wang explained to her teacher Liu that she wrote those posts just because the company she worked for wanted her to rise to fame.

In her blog post about "being forced to withdraw from school," she included some photos for memory's sake. But these photos form one important reason why many netizens thought that this affair was a promotion gimmick.

According to the BFSU students, these photos were taken by someone who seemed to be a "professional photographer" along with an assistant. Many BFSU students witnessed the filming.

People doubt whether there is a professional agency behind Wang Tingting to plot the whole thing.

However, teachers like Liu and Rachel from the TV series have been the victim of words widely spread on the internet by a 'Gossip Girl'.

Ambitious teenagers know how powerful the internet is and how to use it, but they may hurt others without knowing the potential consequences.


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Student dropout: victim or 'gossip girl'?

By: Peng Hua