"This is it." After performing a series of upcoming shows, Michael Jackson has finally decided to put away his crown as the King of Pop.

It seems that we are ready to put his past accusations aside for the chance to hear "Thriller" and witness the moonwalk.

The tour sold out immediately and now fans will get the chance to see the King of Pop over the course of 50 gigs that will last until 2010.

Aside from the tour, the matter of his financial needs raises a few questions. Can MJ pull it off?

While his 80's pop counterpart Madonna has never faded from the spotlight, he has not toured in years.

Judging by Madonna's bulging arms, she is well prepared for her current tour.

Even Britney Spears, who only a year ago appeared unable to recover from her mental health issues, has pulled off a "comeback" tour at the tender age of 27.

However, Michael lacks 'yogazilla' like training of Madonna and Spears' youth. To top it off his past record indicates that his superstar power may have left with Lisa Marie Presley.

The World letdown

Back in 2006, the World Music Awards proclaimed the King of Pop would make a return on the show held in London.

The live audience endured hours of waiting as host Lindsay Lohan disappeared mid-way through the show. Many anticipated Jackson would be worth it, including Heather Kastner, a student studying abroad in London at the time.

As the award show neared its finale, Michael finally made his way to stage and then a choir began to sing "We Are The World".

The crowd went into hysteria. This is it: the moment they had endured Lohan for.

His performance could be summed up in two words: "incredibly disappointing," says Kastner. "He sang two notes and then had the choir takeover."

The entire performance now lives on in Youtube history. One thing was evident. His voice was gone.

This could be for a variety a reasons: illness, jitters, or an off-key moment, but the performance or the lack thereof, raised eyebrows.

If Jackson faltered after one song can he make it through 50 sets? Kastner has her doubts. "I think he'll get 'sick'... 50 shows? No way, he'll collapse."

Jacko backo

Despite the skeptics, millions of die-hard fans are convinced Jackson is back.

Over a quarter-million queued online in hopes of scoring one of the coveted tickets. Just as soon as people logged in, many dreams were shattered as the tickets dried up quickly.

To avoid mass disappointment, fans like Javier Duque knew the best way to get a ticket was a presale. Javier, who is a University of Westminster student from Spain, managed to land a ticket for 2010.

"No matter where I am living at the time, I plan on making it to the show." he says. He is also convinced that Jackson is ready to rock the moonwalk once again.

"If he couldn't do the shows he wouldn't announce it, he still has time to train physically and train his voice. I think it's going to be a great show," he said.

This may be the last chance for Jackson to prove to fans why he is the King of Pop.

The best thing he can do now is to prepare. If he does not, Britney Spears' performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards sums up what could happen.

Photo by Andrew Otto
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Can MJ, King of Pop make a comeback?

By: Raquel Villanueva